CitiBank Locations

CitiBank Locations
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CitiBank Locations

Citibank is a global bank with 3,777 branch locations in 36 countries. The United States is their largest single market with approximately 26% of their branches, and generating 51% of their revenue. Founded in 1812, Citibank is the consumer banking division of financial services multinational Citigroup.

Citibank offers consumers checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, certificates of deposit (CDs), IRA's and rollovers, global banking, and student banking services. In addition to these standard banking transactions, Citibank markets insurance, credit cards and investment products. Investment products include annuities, advisory accounts, bonds, mutual funds, and securities backed lending. They also offer small business banking services for companies with sales below 5 million dollars in sales, business banking services for companies with sales above 5 million dollars in sales, and commercial banking services for companies with sales above 20 million dollars in sales.

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CitiBank Locations

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